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Drive foot traffic and boost in-store sales with text message marketing.

Engage with customers to remain top-of-mind. 

How does your C-store stand out?

Frequent customer visits and purchases are imperative to the success of your convenience store.  

As of December 2021, there are 148,026 convenience stores operating in the United States, a 1.5% decrease in the number of stores in operation (150,274) at the close of 2020, according to the 2022 NACS/Nielsen Convenience Industry Store Count. 

More consumers say the quality of an in-store offer is driving their preferences for certain stores or brands. Nearly two in three drivers (62%) say they prefer a certain c-store or chain, which is double the amount from eighty years ago. 

What products do you carry on a regular basis that other C-stores may not? Are you reaching out to customers to promote your discounts and new products or just relying on in-store and gas pump signage? Contact your customers to incentivize them to stop in.

Friendly middle-aged woman cashier at convenience store.

Consider implementing an SMS marketing and a SMS loyalty program to reward your regular customers with special deals. Give your loyal customers an opportunity to spread the word about you through a text referral campaign

Drink coolers at a convenience store

Already using SMS as a marketing and communication tool? Great! 

We're confident our SMS platform will save you money, give you more opt-in methods, and offer more features than your current provider.

Why use SMS marketing for your C-Store?

Why Use Age Texting as Your

SMS Marketing Partner?

Start building your SMS list today.

*Minimum investment of $100​/month required

SMS for C-stores
Why AGE Texting-C Stores
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