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Improve customer experience and boost staff 
productivity by deflecting calls to online channels.

Send an automated text message to a customer to engage with them before they hang up.

Avoid missed customer engagement opportunities with call deflection

What is call deflection?

Call deflection is a phone technology that offers customers an alternative digital channel to engage with you either before or during a call. This strategy is designed to improve customer experience by making it more convenient for them to find the solutions they need using more efficient digital channels while helping your business manage a high volume of calls. 

What call deflection is NOT

The goal is to provide alternatives to calls—not to avoid customer interaction. Call deflection should not be confused with the following techniques:

  • VoIP forwarding to another terminal—As with call
    forwarding, if there is no other channel offered, it is not a call deflection.

  • Avoidance of calls—The goal is not to receive any calls. On the contrary, with call deflection, reducing the number of calls is a consequence, not the objective.

  • Call forwarding—These redirects remain on the telephone channel. This is not a diverted call. For true call deflection, the customer must be offered to switch to a channel other than the telephone.

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How AGE Texting Call Deflection Works

​AGE Texting's call deflection strategy uses a phone technology that allows callers to press a number on their mobile keypad that addresses their question. Once the caller presses the dial pad, our texting platform sends an automated text with a link to a digital channel where they can find the solution they need.

Example of a standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Tree

call deflection process

Ways to redirect customer

phone calls

Send a link to your menu or list of specials with an embedded link to order online for takeout or delivery. 

links to online ordering

Links to online ordering

What are some of the most common questions callers ask? Do they call for directions? Your hours? Type up a FAQs web page with answers to all of those questions and more and include the link in your automated response.

Links to commonly asked questions or FAQs

faqs icon

Provide the link to make reservations online or to be added to the wait list. 

reserved signage

Encourage online reservations or scheduling

Send a calendar invite with information about an upcoming event or your events calendar so customers can simply save it to their phone's calendar. 

Send event invitations via text

Text invitations to events

Send your text club opt-in link to callers. 

Promote deals and special offers via text

Promote your text club

Share links to social media sites and invite callers to follow you for updates and event news. 

Share social media pages

Share links to your social media

Ready to implement a call deflection strategy to boost employee production and offer a broader customer experience?

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Call Deflection
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