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JAVA keyword to 72727 opt-in

Grow your SMS marketing list with more opt-in methods than any other SMS provider.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your business location or to your website, our opt-in methods are convenient for every customer.


Upload an existing list of SMS subscribers.

Already have an SMS marketing database? If you're moving over from a different SMS provider, AGE Texting can upload your subscribers—as long as you can verify they gave you their consent to text them. 


Create a pop-up or landing page or embed it onto your website.

Easily create a web form to recruit new subscribers. In addition to capturing their phone number, you can collect their name, birthday (for automated birthday messages), email address, and even customize questions that may help guide you in future campaign strategies. 

Web Forms


SMS Keywords

Another great method to grow you SMS marketing list is by creating easy-to-remember words that customers can text to a short code, your unique 10DLC or Toll-free texting number. 

Promote your SMS keyword and texting number across digital and traditional media to help monitor performance of each channel.


SMS Keyword Opt-in QR Codes

Publish keyword QR codes on in-store signage, print ads, product packaging, receipts, and order slips enclosed with delivered orders. When scanned, the user's SMS app opens a text that sends the opt-in keyword to your texting number. 

You can easily download your keyword QR code from  AGE Texting's platform. Or, we can generate an opt-in link that allow you to track the scans. 

Checkout Form Opt-ins

Don't miss out on capturing your customers for future SMS marketing campaigns! Add a spot at checkout where customers can opt in to receive text messages from you. Consider offering a discount to use on their next order to entice them to subscribe. 


SMS Opt-in Links

AGE Texting can generate a custom link that when clicked, opens a pre-filled text message with your SMS opt-in keyword and texting toll-free number. Use this method to allow subscribers to share and invite friends to opt into your text club. You can also promote your link across social media, attach to banner ads, Instagram stories and Facebook stories.


Click or tap the banner ad to see how the SMS opt-in link works. If on a mobile device, you'll see how it opens a pre-filled text message. 

See how you can use the link on an Instagram and Facebook story.


Point of Sale Keypad

Pull up a web-based interactive screen on a tablet onsite that allows customers to type in their phone numbers to sign up. Through this method, you can also set up a loyalty club that allows your customers to earn points each time they shop or visit you.

Referral Form


Entice your customers to help promote your business through an SMS referral campaign. Offer a prize (perhaps a $100 gift card) to the customer who successfully shares an offer with the most people. In order for the friend to receive the special discount, they must sign up for your text campaigns. 

Each customer has their own unique link. Our software tracks the number of opt-ins made from that link so  you can see which customer helped collect the most new subscribers. 

Automated Opt-ins through Integrations

If your POS can integrate with SMS, AGE Texting will take care of working with your contact to set up automated opt-ins and customized campaigns. We are integrated with OpenTable, Mailchimp, iContact and can integrate with almost any CRM. 

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