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How SMS and Facebook Can Work Hand-in-Hand

Updated: Jan 3

SMS and Facebook work hand-in-hand to boost consumer engagement on each channel.

How Facebook and SMS marketing work hand in hand

Kick off a Facebook Giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent way to grow your text club. Consider holding a giveaway to encourage Facebook followers to opt into your text club. Make note of regulations for giveaways on Facebook.

You can create a webform in the Age Texting platform and publish the URL or embed it into your website to capture contacts. In addition to collecting phone numbers, you can request their name, email address, zip code, and more. You can also create custom fields that help you segment your subscribers for customized campaigns.


How to Promote Your Text Club on Facebook

Publish a post
  1. Publish a web form created in your Age Texting account and embed it into your website or just direct Facebook followers to your web form.

  2. Promote your keyword and texting number. Ex: Text AGE To 52236 to join our text club!

  3. Create a fun image promoting your text club and attach to your Facebook post along with the link to your web form. If you do not have a design program, consider using Canva, an easy-to-use web-based design program. They have free and paid options.

Create a Facebook story
  1. Create a story with a fun image that promotes your text club. Attach your SMS keyword mobile opt-in link. Rename the link to read: JOIN OUR TEXT CLUB. Make sure you add a "Swipe Up" Gif. When a Facebook user swipes up on your story, their SMS app will open a text message pre-filled with your keyword and texting number. Read more about how the two-tap opt-in link works here.


How to Promote Your Facebook page with SMS

Boost engagement on a specific Facebook post

In a text campaign, include a link to a specific Facebook post and encourage reactions, shares, and comments. Engagement helps extend organic reach and improves the placement on Facebook followers' news feeds.

To get the link to a specific Facebook post on your desktop or laptop, follow the below instructions:

  1. Find the post you want to share the link to and look for the date/time stamp. It will often look something like "December 26, 2023 at 4:23 PM". When you hover over that with your cursor, it will be underlined.

  2. Next, click on that date and time stamp.

  3. Your web browser will open a new page with only that post.

  4. Highlight and copy that URL (which will look something like[series of numbers and letters] then paste it into the URL shortening tool in your Age Texting account on the campaign creation page.

Grow your Facebook followers

Include your Facebook page link in your SMS campaigns or opt-in autoresponders. Make sure you have customized your Facebook URL by creating a Facebook page username. This means your Facebook page URL includes your business name. It may look something like this:

Tip: You can abbreviate the Facebook page URL from[yourusername] to[yourusername], and it will forward to your Facebook page.

Increase Facebook Live Viewers

Copy the link to a Facebook live event and text a trackable shortened URL (generated using Age Texting's built-in URL shortening tool). Text the link to subscribers 10 minutes before you go live as a reminder for your Facebook followers to hop on and join you!

Refer to the start time and be sure to include time zone to avoid confusion for any subscribers that live in different parts of the country. We do not recommend referencing remaining minutes to going live because delivery time is different for each subscriber.

As you can see, there are many creative ways SMS and Facebook work hand-in-hand. Determine how you are using each channel and brainstorm what you can use the other for to help boost those efforts and increase coverage.

Updated 1/3/2024


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