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Two-Way Texting

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Two-way texting, also known as 1-to-1 texting, allows timely and convenient communication with your customers and leads.

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What is two-way texting?

Age Texting allows businesses to interact with their customers via text in a chat like mode. The customer receives a text from you while you receive and send messages from our platform's Two-Way SMS is an ideal method to provide customer support, help close deals, and engage with your customers. 89% of consumers want the ability to two-way text with a business. 1

How to create a meaningful greeting and introduction

How to keep the text correspondence compliant

How to continue the text conversation

Why people prefer SMS over other channels

Benefits of two-way texting

If your SMS provider does not offer an easy-to-use two-way texting platform, you may want to explore SMS services that provide one-on-one texting.

Your customers are familiar with conversational texting. If you offer that as part of customer support or scheduling appointments, you appear personable and accommodating.

Age Texting's two-way texting service is included with our SMS product—one of the many, many features and benefits of our texting platform.



Updated 11/27/23


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