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Implement an SMS Loyalty program that keeps customers coming back.

SMS loyalty programs are easy to manage and convenient for customers.

Why Use an SMS Loyalty Program

SMS loyalty programs are easy to manage and convenient for customers. Remain top of mind with your loyal customers. They are invaluable for your business. Not only do returning customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers, but they also serve as strong advocates for your business. In fact, the Loyalty Report 2022 released by Bond reports that 74% of consumers are more likely to recommend a company with a good loyalty program. 

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More than just a modern-day loyalty card

  • 7.1 billion people worldwide use mobile devices. That number is projected to reach 7.47 billion in 2025.

  • SMS loyalty programs are digital; customers do not need to worry about losing a loyalty card.

  • Loyalty programs are affordable—no card printing fees, no app management fees, or costly software fees.

  • Use our text loyalty program to collect data about your customers.

  • Already have a rewards program in place? We can integrate our platform with that to add a texting component.

  • Automated messaging that essentially runs itself

  • Send your loyalty customers marketing texts or consider an exclusive offer or event

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It pays to retain customers.

How to Create a Great Loyalty Program

Name your loyalty program.

Assign a fun name to your loyalty program that stands out among other rewards programs. You might keep it simple—something like "Chubbs Pizza VIP Club" or "Chubbs Rewards Club". Starbucks' loyalty program is titled STARBUCKS® REWARDS. Midwest grocery franchise Hy-Vee's program is called Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks®. Find something that fits your industry and company's values. 

Determine  how loyal customers earn rewards.

The Age Texting platform is set up to track each time a customer visits your business—whether visiting your store. When they check in by entering their phone number on a web-based keypad, they instantly receive a text updating them how many check-ins are left before they receive their prize. 

You can pull up the web-based keypad on any tablet for customers to type in their number or a staff member can type in the number.

What rewards will you offer?

After determining a name for your program and the frequency of method of earning rewards, decide what rewards to offer. The key to a successful loyalty program is to reward your dedicated customers on their journey with a variety of rewards and frequently. Reward them often so they see the value of being a member of your loyalty program. Giving them a variety of smaller offers may prove more attractive than a large reward after many visits. 

Create your autoresponder messages.

Age Texting provides a welcome message template. Simply type in the number of visits required to earn a reward and what that reward is. Check-in messages are also defaulted, unless you want to revise them. Save it, and you have created your loyalty program. 

Promote your loyalty text club onsite.

Encourage staff to sign up customers and display signage at checkout and throughout the store.

Milestone Visit Reminders

This is one of the most important components of a loyalty and rewards program. When the time permits, merchants can set and schedule automated milestone reminders informing their customers how far they are from receiving their next offer if they have not paid a visit in awhile.

Continue to engage with your loyal customers.

Keep in mind, loyalty is a two-way relationship. Companies need to engage with returning customers and give back to retain them. Loyal, existing customers tend to buy more frequently and spend more overall than new customers. They can me the most valuable asset to your business.

They also tend to be happy customers who will refer people by word of mouth and/or social media to promote your business. Age Texting's loyalty program automatically tracks customers on their purchasing journey and keeps them informed on their progress to receive a reward through a simple text message. Let our texting platform do the work while you reap the rewards. 

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