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Integrate text messaging capabilities right into your software.

With an AGE Texting SMS API gateway, easily send automated information to your customers or workers.

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Text Message Gateway API with AGE Texting

We can help integrate text messaging capabilities right into your software. Our API documentation includes the building blocks to easily integrate with your system for automated alerts without needing to change application—send payment reminders, appointment notifications, security codes, shipping alerts, or text updates to 

maintenance or construction teams. 

Endpoints your software can use


  • Creating sub-accounts

  • Requesting account information

  • Updating account information


  • Sending immediate campaigns

  • Scheduling campaigns

  • Campaign history

Long codes

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  • Purchase long codes

  • Transfer long codes

  • Find available long codes


  • Retrieve all mobile responses

  • Retrieve messages between dates

  • Retrieve subscribers from different sources

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Three Reasons to Select AGE Texting’s SMS API

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Tested and Reliable

Our API is approved and tested in a variety of industries. We have successfully developed our API with leading club management software providers in North America.

Top-notch Documentation

Our API documentation was created by developers for developers. So implementing your SMS capabilities within your application are plug and play.

Competitive Pricing

Pay as you go and only for what you use. There is no capacity to what you can send—and at an unbeatable rate. We do not charge you for incoming texts.

AGE Texting’s API Use Cases

Two-factor authentication

TOTP (Time-based One-time Passwords) is a common form of two-factor authentication. Keep accounts protected by sending timed password resets right to your customers' mobile phones.  

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Don't miss an opportunity to engage with a lead. Automate your texts to notify you the second a potential customer reaches out to you. 

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Lead follow-up

Appointment Reminders

Avoid no-shows. Plug our API into your CRM or reservation system to notify your customers of upcoming appointments. A simple click on a link can add the appointment to the user's calendar. 

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Marketing and Promotion

Integration with your POS and CRM helps segment your customers so you can reach them with the right message at the right time.

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Automated Surveys

Integrate our SMS API with your POS so recent customers are automatically sent a link to a survey where you can collect feedback.

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Text-enable Mobile Apps

Upgrade your app or website to accept and send text messages. 

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Programmable SMS at Its Best

Ready to build?

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SMS Gateway API
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