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Ramp up your influencer marketing partnerships with SMS marketing

Build engagement with followers using text messaging—positioning you as a savvy marketing partner for businesses.

How do you stand out?

Today, there are more than 3.5 billion social media users, and the influencer marketing industry is worth an impressive $5 billion.

Marketers do their research to find social media personalities to effectively promote their products. 

  • Social reach of the influencer (i.e. how many followers across given social media channels)

  • Type of sponsored content (e.g. Instagram in-feed post, Instagram Stories post, YouTube video, Twitter Tweet, Twitch activation, blog post, Facebook post)

  • Length of sponsored integration (for example, a one-off Instagram Stories post will cost less than a series of Instagram videos spanning several months)

Grow followers, increase reach, and boost engaging content through texting. How?

  • Collect feedback from your followers—Text surveys to your followers. What do they want to learn more about? What product types are they interested in? Help pinpoint the demographics of your followers. Get to know them on a personal level.  

  • Consistent quality (Quality Over Quantity)—Publish consistent educational and entertaining content across all platforms. 

  • Entice followers to join your VIP club— use share links that allow subscribers to help promote your text club and become followers on your social media platforms. 

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Already using SMS as a marketing and communication tool with your followers? Great! We're confident our SMS platform will save you money, give you more opt-in methods, and offer more features than your current provider.


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