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Why Use SMS Marketing to Communicate With Ag Clients?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Agronomist on a mobile device in a field communicating with a client via text

Automatically personalize your text communication.

80% of consumers2 are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

Integrate custom fields in your messages so each customer receives a text personalized with their first name. We make this easy when your customers use our webform to sign up for messages from you. You can also segment your customer list by product or topic of interest and send messages specific to each group.

Two-way Texting

After sending your group text, watch your dashboard's inbox for any customer replies to address questions or concerns they may have. You can see the name of the contact you are corresponding with. This tool allows for a one-on-one text correspondence. Although you receive and send texts through your dashboard's inbox, they see your responses as text messages.

If you are unable to tend to your inbox, you can set up an automatic response for clients to email or call you. To ensure timely customer service, you can also activate notifications so you receive a text message and an email when a client texts you. You are then routed to your dashboard's inbox where you can respond.

Ability to send attachments

If your client requests a photo or a brochure, you can respond with either the attachment or a link to a file you upload via our built-in media insert tool, which works like Google Drive. Share PDFs, videos, and podcasts via text you think your clients will find educational and interesting.

Send automated messages.

Using SMS marketing for ag clients allows you to send a series of automated messages to your clients after they subscribe to your text service. Establish yourself as the leading resource with a wealth of knowledge about agricultural technology and ag-related issues. Engage with your clients.

Always include your contact information in your messages so they can easily get in touch with you with any questions about the content of your message or any other inquiries. Also consider sending a simple "Happy Birthday" message to your clients. We make this easy; simply set up one automated message that will be customized for every client. Request their birthday on your opt-in webform so our system can store this information.

Implement email and SMS for upsell.

Use an email to point users to opt into your text marketing program — then quickly show them how valuable yet informative your text messaging program is. Include a call-to-action such as a link to an article, video, podcast, or PDF file. Monitor the click-throughs on content to gauge what your clients are most interested in.

Expand your reach.

Every client uses media differently. While email may be the best method for reaching one client, another may rarely check their email so by the time they see your email, it may be irrelevant. Having another communication and marketing tool provides another avenue to reach your clients.

More consumers see text messages compared to email.

According to a 2021 Statista survey, the majority of of U.S. respondents had two email addresses. 28 percent respondents stated having over four email addresses. 3

SMS boasts a much higher open rate than email. While agricultural businesses shows the highest open rate among other industries, coming in at a 27.3% open rate 4, on average, SMS reports a 98% open rate.5

In conclusion

SMS is the most immediate communication and marketing channel. 60% of customers will read texts within 1-5 minutes of receiving them6. How quickly and efficiently are you communicating with your clients?


Updated 11/27/23


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