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SMS Autoresponder Campaigns

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Age Texting's automated tools make it easy to follow up, send customized campaigns and immediately respond to customer inquiries.

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In addition to using keywords to grow your text list, you can utilize SMS autoresponders to serve as a method to immediately answer some of your consumers' most frequently asked questions.

An autoresponder (text auto reply) allows consumers to request information about your business in real-time and immediately receive the information they’re looking for via text.

If a consumer is interested in your business, they can text in a keyword to a short code or to your texting number (or scan an SMS QR code which makes the step even easier) and receive the information they’re looking for.

With Age Texting, you are not limited to only one autoreply. When a consumer texts in with a keyword, they can receive a series of follow-up texts from you automatically, known as drip SMS marketing message. You can set the timeframe you want these messages to send to your new subscriber.

Static Autoresponder Campaigns

Young African American woman in pink sweater texting in keyword

A static auto-response campaign is when the automated response to keywords will remain the same for an extended period.

Calendar Based Autoresponder Campaigns

Young man with man bun texting keyword for daily menu

When you want to promote a product or service that is in constant rotation that customers may like updates on, you will want to create and manage customized keyword campaign responses.

  • Daily or weekly specials— Once a customer has texted in your keyword to see what your daily or weekly specials are, you have added them to a group that you can send those texts to frequently.

  • Product information— When information is difficult to compartmentalize, give those who seek additional details the ability to text to inquire about a range of different topics that you have preset automated answers for.

Drip Autoresponder Campaigns

Provide details over time after the initial keyword text-in. This works well for multi-day events or for those wanting updates leading up to big events.

  • Give details over time— This is great for multi-day events or for those wanting information leading up to an event. You can also follow up post event to share presentations and even send a survey link.

  • Onboarding— when a new customer signs up for your text service, send a series of texts providing additional information about your services and products. Also, consider sending a webform where you collect additional information from new subscribers such as name, birthday, and customized data that will allow you to send them personalized campaigns.

Text Trivia Autoresponder Campaigns

Create a gamified experience for your customers using keywords to create an automated text trivia game. Text trivia is a unique way to engage with your customers.

SMS autoresponder for text trivia featuring basketball teams

Create single or multi-questions text messages. Customers get started by texting in a keyword. The response is often the first question or instructions on how the game works.

When the customer correctly answers a question, they either receive a new question or might receive a link to a coupon or video.

How to Create an Autoresponder Campaign

You will create your autoresponder campaigns on the Keywords page. You will find an easy to follow tutorial when logged into your account.

  1. Think about a consumer who is unfamiliar with your business and what questions they may have about your business. Create your autoresponder campaigns to address questions they may have. Where and how will you promote autoresponder campaigns for them?

  2. Now, what might your regular customers want to know? Consider where they are at on their purchasing journey and what information may be helpful for them, and create your keywords with them in mind. Where and how will you promote autoresponder campaigns for them?

Be creative, and have fun.

Updated 11/27/23


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