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Carrier Guidelines

Carrier Guidelines

Are carriers blocking your campaign?

All new users must go through a screening with The Campaign Registry, a third-party organization that serves as the reputation authority for business messaging on 10-digit long codes. We take care of submitting this information on your behalf.

These are only safety measures that are usually applied to new accounts. If your brand has been vetted and approved, you should not have any issues with blocked messages.

Be mindful of carrier guidelines and restrictions.

Prohibited and Restricted SMS Use Cases

Unfortunately, due to both federal and carrier regulations not all use cases can be supported for text messaging — even if they are legal in your jurisdiction.

If you’re unsure if your use case falls under any of the restricted or prohibited categories below, please contact us.

Restricted Use Cases

Content regarding Alcohol, Tobacco (including vapes/e-cigarettes) and Firearms:

Although not prohibited this use case does need to be Age-Gated*. Please contact us to ensure the texting number assigned to your account is Age-Gated*.

Stock Tips / Information:

As long as you refrain from texting regarding Cryptocurrency or CBD / Cannabis-related stocks (which are prohibited) we can support this use case. You will, however, need to contact our team to ensure your texting number is approved for this content.


This is the only type of gambling allowed by carrier regulations, however, it does need to be Age Gated*. Please contact our team to ensure your texting number is Age Gated*.

*For more information about Age Gating, please refer to our help document "What Is Age Gating"

Prohibited Use Cases


Carrier Regulations strictly prohibit Cryptocurrency content in most forms. The only exception is Cryptocurrency ATM information.

Cannabis / Marijuana / Hemp / CBD / Kratom:

Unfortunately, even if it’s legal in your jurisdiction, federal and carrier guidelines still prohibit content promoting these items or their manufacturing.

Gambling Content:

Apart from Bingo (see restricted use cases above), all gambling promotion and marketing is prohibited regardless of local jurisdictions.

Financial Offers (see below for full list)

Carrier guidelines deem this content to be high-risk and prohibited. The only exception is if you are a bank or a direct lender, in which case you might be able to send text messages via a Dedicated Short Code. Please contact us  to see if you qualify.

The following categories are considered prohibited financial offer use cases:

  • Loan Origination (Car/Home/Student/Business/Payday)

  • Debt Consolidation or Repair

  • Tax Relief Programs

  • Affiliate lead and/or commission generation

  • Work-From-Home Programs (This does not apply to remote employment)

  • Job Alerts from 3rd Party Recruiting Firms

  • Get Rich Quick or Risk Investment Opportunities

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