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Some industries require verification of the contact’s age to confirm they can opt into messaging.

An Age-Gated number allows you to send federally legal content that is only permitted for adults from the ages of 18+ or 21+ (depending on your state's laws). This means that verification of the contact’s age must be confirmed by your business prior to the customer opting in to receive text messages.

Please note that our platform may not support some content due to phone carrier regulations and campaigns may have an increased risk of being blocked.

If your content requires age-gating, your 10-digit textable number must be a registered number to comply with phone carrier regulations (U.S. only).

When to Use an Age-Gated Number

*The following pertains to U.S. customers. Canadian restrictions are also outlined below.

Content that must be sent through an age-gated number (U.S. only):

  • Alcohol (21+ age confirmation. Find detailed here.)

  • Tobacco (21+ age confirmation. Find detailed list here.)

  • Firearms (Required age varies by state. Find detailed list here.

  • Gambling - Bingo (Required age varies by state. Find detailed article here.)

  • Sweepstakes (Required age varies by state. Find detailed list here.)

Content that is recommended to be sent through an age-gated number to avoid delivery and content blocking issues (U.S. only):

  • Tax Refund information (without language regarding loans)

  • Crypto (ATM only)

  • Stock Tips

This content cannot be supported on any age-gated numbers or any mass-text messaging numbers:

  • Loan origination and matching

    • Payday loans

    • Short-term loans

    • Auto loans

    • Mortgage loans

    • Student loans

    • Business loans

    • Debt Collection

  • Debt consolidation, reduction, and forgiveness

  • Credit repair programs

  • Tax relief programs

  • Work from home programs

  • Affiliate lead and/or commission generation

  • Get rich quick programs and Risk Investment Opportunities

  • Job Alerts from 3rd Party Recruiting Firms

  • Cryptocurrency sales

  • Cannabis

  • Rated-R content

*Exception: If your business leased a dedicated short code and has an approved use case (i.e. major credit unions or banks) by phone carriers, the financial offer content is approved.

Canadian Restrictions

*Toll-Free Canadian numbers are not permitted to send age-gated content. This type of content can be supported on Canadian short codes or 10-digit long code numbers.

Content that can be sent on a Canadian short code or 10-digit long code number:

  • Stock Trading alerts to opt-in lists sending from a local 10-digit long code or dedicated shortcode

  • Lenders communicating about loan opportunities to opt-in lists sending from a local 10DLC or dedicated short code

  • Age-gated 18+ federally legal content sending from a local 10 digit long code or dedicated short code (Except Cannabis)

Content that cannot be sent on a Canadian short code or 10-digit number:

  • Stock Trading

  • Betting/Gambling

  • Multi-Level Marketing

  • Age-Gated Substances (Tobacco/Cannabis/Alcohol)

  • Cryptocurrency

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