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Boost SMS Campaign Deliverability with Age Texting's Campaign Registry Integration

Updated: Jan 5

Marketers using the Age Texting SMS marketing platform will now register their brand (company) with The Campaign Registry, our newest integration.

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When you sign on with Age Texting, we are happy to help you register your SMS campaign with the Campaign Registry for SMS to help ensure delivery in your SMS campaigns.

You’ll provide upfront information to make your campaign traceable and verifiable, allowing your messages to be delivered faster and in higher quantities with carrier A2P 10DLC service.

We can assist you in completing the form that needs to be filled out. You will need to provide the information listed below:

  • Legal business address

  • Legal business contact person's name and phone number

  • Legal business EIN (Refer to tax documents for this)

  • Legal business entity type

  • Business that will be sending the messages (DBA)

  • Reason for sending messages; use case

  • Example campaign messages (3 examples required)

  • Indicate if you would like to text enable your landline or get a new 10-digit long code (10DLC)


Verifying campaigns in this way benefits the entire messaging ecosystem, especially for omnichannel contact centers.

  • Improve your delivery rates: Registering with The Campaign Registry can improve your delivery rates to 90% or better.

  • Adhere to CTIA guidelines by default: Avoid lawsuits and protect your company's reputation by increasing the trust and security of your business' messaging.

  • Reach leads before your competition does: Organizations that don't use The Campaign Registry will likely see delivery rates drop if carriers do not recognize the Brand sending the text messages.

  • Send more messages per day: Message consumers faster and more efficiently by improving your message deliverability when your business is assigned a Trust Score.


When connecting your CRM and POS platforms with Age Texting, smart triggers can automatically help you engage with customers and reach them where they communicate most.


When you register your SMS campaign with The Campaign Registry, you’ll ensure that your messages get delivered, which means that you’re not losing out on potential customers, and you’re setting yourself up for successful follow-ups. Multi-channel campaigns are essential to reach customers in the modern day, and with The Campaign Registry, it’s easier than ever.

Discover how Age Texting can improve the impact of your multi-channel marketing campaigns. Request a live demo of the Age Texting platform today.

Updated 1/5/24


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