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Polling and Voting

The sending of surveys and polling/voting campaigns for non political arenas

A text-only SMS survey or poll is an immediate and cost-efficient way to get feedback from consumers.


With AGE Texting, you can execute multiple types of surveys via SMS, including Net Promoter Score, multiple-choice polls, customer service and product feedback, and text-to-vote.


With AGE Texting, easily send text surveys and polls via text. When creating your text survey, consider your audience and the information you’re looking for to draft questions that will help reach your goals.


Text surveys allow consumers to respond on their own time. Because of this, SMS surveys are becoming a popular way of gathering feedback from customers.

What are the benefits of text surveys?

  1. Cost-efficient: Sending SMS survey questions is affordable—only a few cents per message. In exchange, 98% of those text messages are seen. According to research, 90% of them are opened within three minutes.

  2. Easy survey campaign creation: AGE Texting allows you set up group survey campaigns or automations, making it easy for you to gather feedback from multiple customers without the work.  

  3. Diverse outreach: Because 97% of Americans own a cell phone, you can be confident that you are receiving feedback from customers in all age demographics.

  4. Trackability and responses: To Set up keywords as your potential customer answers. As these numbers grow, you can gauge the success of your surveys as well as the feedback and what you may need to do to improve your customer service. If you are utilizing web-based surveys, you can monitor click-through rates.

  5. Quick responses: Studies show that over 90% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes of the user receiving them, and response rates can be as high as 45%. This is compared to only a 20% open rate and a 6% response rate for emails. Other studies show that SMS messages have a 209% greater chance of response overall than other survey methods, such as social media, phone calls and email.

What types of surveys can you send via SMS?

  1. Links to web-based surveys:

  2. Forward consumers to your Google profile: Consider requesting consumers visit your Google profile and leave a review on Google.

  3. Net Promoter Score (NPS): A net promoter score (NPS) gives your business a quantifiable measurement of consumer’s response or feedback. It is the easiest method to gauge customer loyalty and the strength of your brand.1 NPS is a popular customer experience (CX) metric.

  4. Polls: Polls are a series of open-ended or multiple-choice questions for your consumers. You can either create these as a keyword autoresponder or text it to your SMS subscribers.

  5. Customer feedback: Customer feedback surveys allow customers to provide additional details about their experience with your company’s service and/or product(s). You can ask for a rating (1-5, 5 as best, for example) or leave it as an open-ended question.

  6. Text-to-vote: Create a keyword autoresponder campaign and allow your customers to voice their opinion and play a key role in a choice your business will be making.



How to send an SMS survey?

  1. Determine surce type.

  2. Create your audience. Determine the group out of your current subscribers that you want to send a text survey to. If you are sending a text to them, they need to first opt into your text service, or you can create your survey as a keyword autoresponder.

  3. Create your survey questions. Draft questions so consumers can directly address the topics you want input on.

  4. Promote your survey. Advertise the survey so customers can easily opt in with the autoresponder keyword or send the text to them as a campaign.

  5. Assess results. Track the keyword responses or answers on web-based surveys.

Do not miss an opportunity to get to know your customers and giving them an easy opportunity to provide feedback so you can ensure your business is providing high quality customer service and products.

An SMS survey is easy to employ, and AGE Texting offers a variety of methods to distribute them.

Ready to send SMS surveys to your customers? Here are some steps and services to help get you started.




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