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Marketing and Promotion

Any communication that includes marketing and/or promotional content

Boost sales with a text marketing and promotion strategy.

With SMS marketing services, you can send coupons and discounts for restaurant and retail company, inform customers about sales, share updates like product announcements and much more.

Text messages consistently report a 98% open rate, and AGE Texting clients have experienced 15-30% click-through rates.


Here are some ways you can use SMS as part of your marketing strategy.

Announce new products. Quickly and easily promote new products to your subscribers. Send MMS to feature photos and animations of your new products.


Send VIP invitations to events and exclusive sales. Plan events exclusively for text subscribers to be the first to see your new products or to taste a new menu item. Or, send a link to an exclusive “look book” your text subscribers can shop from and have access before products are released to the public.


Start a birthday club. Invite text subscribers to join your automated birthday club for a special treat on their birthday. This helps your customers feel extra special when they receive a personalized message on their special day.


Kick off an automated SMS loyalty club. Entice your customers to join your text loyalty club. When they reach a specific number of predetermined points, offer them a special reward.

Marketing and promotional SMS strategies help you remain top-of-mind with your customers. Invest in your loyal customers through rewards. They are the most valuable asset to your company. Their word-of-mouth marketing is what helps your business grow.

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