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About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011, the plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize and for the market position of the base product as freeware.

With our direct integration with WooCommerce, customers who have made a purchase can opt in to be added to your text database at checkout. Contact data and purchase history will allow you to create queries for customized campaigns.

WooCo and SMS Marketing Capabilities

How to better engage customers

Use the customer shopping trends and behavior data from WooCommerce to target your Age Texting SMS marketing campaigns and create automated abandoned cart reminders.

How to grow audiences

When a customer visits your website, they can sign up through a webform or widget or provide their phone number at checkout. Your Age Texting account is updated hourly with new or revised WooCommerce data. New subscribers receive their opt-in autoresponders when they are added to the Age Texting platform.

How to segment audiences

Use Age Texting's query feature to generate groups based on customer purchase data. For example, create a group for customers who have not purchased from you for several months or send abandoned cart reminders.

How to easily share audiences across both platforms

Data about customers and their purchases syncs with your Age Texting account so you can create audience segments for customized campaigns and automations.

How to connect with the right customers

When you connect your Age Texting account and WooCommerce, you can use the guest behavior* and preference data from your WooCommerce platform to target your SMS marketing campaigns and better engage customers. Segment customer audiences based on behavior* and preferences for more targeted engagement.

Automated Text Strategies for Convenient Customer Feedback

Set automated text messages that send 1 to 2 days after a customer has purchased from you and request their feedback. A customer review strategy can help boost your online reputation while also helping you recognize areas for improvement. 

Watch a video of our SMS Review Requester product below.


Check out these helpful resources to get started with connecting WooCommerce and Age Texting.

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