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About Retail Pro

Retail Pro International (RPI) is a global leader in retail management software that is recognized worldwide for rich functionaility, multi-national capabilities, and unparalleled flexibility. For over 35 years, RPI has innovated retail software solution to help retailers optimize business operations and have more time to focus on what really matters—cultivating customer engagement and capitalizing on retail industry's trends. Retail Pro is the chosen software platform for omni-channel strategy by retailers in 130+ countries.

Growing a text club can be a lot of work. With our direct Retail Pro integration, building a database of customers is seamless. Customers who have made a purchase are added to your text database. Contact data and purchase history will allow you to create queries for customized campaigns.

Retail Pro and SMS Marketing Capabilities

How to better engage customers

Use the purchase history and website browsing history to segment your text campaigns. Also alert customers who have items in their cart but have not yet purchased the item.

How to grow audiences

Customers are added to your text database when they make a purchase. Your phone number is entered into the POS. The database is updated every 5 minutes.

How to segment audiences

Use Age Texting's query feature to generate groups based on Retail Pro customer purchase data. For example, create a group for customers who have not purchased from you for several months or send abandoned cart reminders.

How to easily share audiences across both platforms

Don’t waste time manually exporting and importing audiences. Integrating your Age Texting account with RPI makes it seamless, speedy, and less prone to error.

How to connect with the right customers

When you connect your Age Texting account and Retail Pro, you can use the their shopping behavior and preference data to target your SMS marketing campaigns to improve relevancy and ultimately boost engagement.

Automated Text Strategies for Convenient Customer Feedback

Set automated text messages that send 1 to 2 days after a customer has purchased from you and request their feedback. A customer review strategy can help boost your online reputation while also helping you recognize areas for improvement. 

Watch a video of our SMS Review Requester product below.


Check out these helpful resources to get started with connecting Retail Pro and Age Texting.

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