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About Posnet

Posnet has developed two major products, a POS system for restaurants and an online ordering solution for restaurants. These products are based on software libraries that have been developed over the last 13 years and allow Posnet to develop Internet based POS applications with huge efficiency.

The Posnet POS system is unique in its architecture. It is the original hybrid system and offers all of the advantages of local computing with those of Internet solutions. The Posnet system consists of two main parts. The first consists of a local server in the restaurant that receives information over the wireless local network from the POS terminals (other networked computers). Every five minutes the local server automatically initiates a session with a Posnet remote server over the Internet. In this session, the database on the local server is synchronized with the database on the Posnet server. The local server sends the remote server all the changes that occurred in its configuration and all transactions that happened since the last synchronization. The remote server does the same from its end. Thus in real time, all the transaction data is available for querying and report generation on the remote server.

Growing a text club can be a lot of work. With our direct Posnet integration, building a database of online and dine-in customers is seamless. Customers who place an online order for delivery or takeout or dine in will be added to your text database. Plus, you can create automated campaigns based on their ordering trends.

Posnet and SMS Marketing Capabilities

How to better engage customers

Use the guest behavior data from Posnet to target your Age Texting SMS marketing campaigns.

How to grow audiences

Automatically update guest opt-in and opt-out requests to keep your audiences up to date and growing. When a customer orders, their phone number is pulled into your Age Texting account. The database is updated every 5 minutes.

How to segment audiences

Use Age Texting's query feature to generate groups based on customer purchase data. For example, create a group for customers who have not purchased from you for several months.

How to easily share audiences across both platforms

Don’t waste time manually exporting and importing audiences. Integrating your Age Texting account with Posnet makes it seamless, speedy, and less prone to error.

How to connect with the right customers

When you connect your Age Texting account and Posnet, you can use the guest behavior and preference data from Posnet to target your SMS marketing campaigns and better engage with customers. Segment diner audiences based on behavior and preferences for more targeted engagement.

Automated Text Strategies for Convenient Customer Feedback

Set automated text messages that send 1 to 2 days after a customer has purchased from you and request their feedback. A customer review strategy can help boost your online reputation while also helping you recognize areas for improvement. 

Watch a video of our SMS Review Requester product below.


Check out these helpful resources to get started with connecting Posnet and Age Texting.

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