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About iContact

iContact is an email marketing platform that launched in 2003. Stay connected and engage your audience using iContact's reliable and proven email marketing tool built to serve the needs of high-volume senders, professional marketers, as well as businesses new to email marketing.

When you connect your Age Texting account and iContact, you can use the personalization, segmentation, and preference data from iContact to target your SMS marketing campaigns and better engage customers.

iContact and SMS Marketing Capabilities

How to better engage customers

Use the demographics and geography data shared by your customers to create targeted customer groups. If your iContact account is integrated with your POS/ ecommerce platform, you can create segments or subgroups using email engagement data and purchase behavior. Those segments can be pulled into your Age Texting account to create queries for customized campaigns.

How to grow audiences

Automatically update customer opt-in requests to keep your audiences up-to-date and growing. Your text database will be updated nightly to reflect any changes to your iContact database. In addition to our easy-to-use SMS list growth tools, subscribers added through your iContact signup forms will be added to your text database. Just make sure to add a phone number field.

How to segment audiences

Use Age Texting's query feature to generate subgroups based on data collected in iContact. If your email marketing is integrated with your ecommerce platform, you can likely create segments based on customer ecommerce activity. Those audience segments can be added to your Age Texting account.

How to easily share audiences across both platforms

Don’t waste time manually exporting and importing audiences. Integrating your Age Texting account with iContact makes it seamless, speedy, and less prone to error. Any data collected in iContact will be pulled into your texting account. Data collected through Age Texting webforms can be exported to your iContact account.

How to connect with the right customers

When you create audience segments in iContact based on customer demographics and geography, and even email engagement, you can also send SMS campaigns to them. Strategize on questions that allow you to create lists for targeted campaigns.

Automated Text Strategies for Convenient Customer Feedback

Set automated text message that send 1 to 2 days after a customer has purchased from you and request their feedback. A customer review strategy can help boost your online reputation while also helping you recognize areas for improvement. 

Watch a video of our SMS Review Requester in action below.


Check out these helpful resources to get started with connecting iContact and Age Texting.

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