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About Grubbrr

GRUBBRR is a leading global commerce automation company at the forefront of self-ordering technologies. GRUBBRR’s award-winning eco-system, including kiosks, mobile ordering, contactless smart lockers and more, are proven to help businesses maximize revenue, decrease labor costs, and increase operational efficiency while improving the consumer experience.

GRUBBRR’s solutions are adaptable and beneficial to a multitude of businesses, and power both enterprise-level and small and medium businesses across verticals such as quick-service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, stadiums, movie theatres, casinos, micro-markets, retail, and more restaurant management software will help you fill seats, grow relationships with guests, and run consistently smooth shifts with easy-to-use solutions and powerful integrations, so you can make every moment matter.

Growing a text club can be a lot of work. With our direct GRUBBRR integration, building a database of customers is seamless. Customers who place an order via GRUBBRR are added to your texting database.

GRUBBRR and SMS Marketing Capabilities

How to better engage customers

Use the guest behavior data from GRUBBRR to target your Age Texting SMS marketing campaigns.

How to grow audiences

Automatically update guest opt-in and opt-out requests to keep your audiences up to date and growing. When a customer orders, their phone number is pulled into your Age Texting account. The database is updated every 5 minutes.

How to segment audiences

Use Age Texting's query feature to generate groups based on customer purchase data. For example, create a group for customers who have not purchased from you for several months.

How to easily share audiences across both platforms

Don’t waste time manually exporting and importing audiences. Integrating your Age Texting account with GRUBBRR makes it seamless, speedy, and less prone to error.

How to connect with the right customers

When you connect your Age Texting account and GRUBBRR, you can use the guest behavior and preference data from GRUBBRR to target your SMS marketing campaigns and better engage with customers. Segment diner audiences based on behavior and preferences for more targeted engagement.

Automated Text Strategies for Convenient Customer Feedback

Set automated text messages that send 1 to 2 days after a customer has purchased from you and request their feedback. A customer review strategy can help boost your online reputation while also helping you recognize areas for improvement. 

Watch a video of our SMS Review Requester product here.


Check out these helpful resources to get started with connecting GRUBBRR and Age Texting.

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