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How to Add Contacts

We provide three ways to add opted-in contacts to your Age Texting account:

  1. Integrations with ecommerce, POS, and CRM software

Please note that contacts must be opted into your text list to send them text messages. Learn more about obtaining opt-in consent in this quick guide.

To get started for any of the three methods, click Subscribers on the left navigation panel, select an existing group or Create a Group.

How to Manage and Bulk Upload Your SMS Marketing Contacts

VIDEO HERE—Coming soon

How to Upload a List of Opted-in Subscribers

Before you upload a spreadsheet, please note that it must be in a .CSV file format, and all phone numbers should have a valid, 10-digit U.S. or Canadian mobile number.

Tip: The system will scrub or remove invalid numbers and duplicates automatically if they do not conform. If a contact is uploaded to multiple groups, the subscriber will still only receive one message from the campaign sent to all of those groups at once. Parentheses and dashes are safe to upload.

Step 1: Ensure your .CSV file is correctly formatted.

Click here to download a template.

Click the image below to preview the template.

CSV format for uploading opted-in SMS subscribers

Step 2: Add To a Group

Grouping allows you to quickly send a message to a segmented portion of your contacts.

Locate the group you want to add your contacts to. Click VIEW/EDIT.

Locate the group of SMS subscribers

Click on the text that reads "Browse to upload CSV file" and locate and click on the CSV file on your desktop that you want to upload.

Browse to find the list of opted-in SMS subscriber

You will see a popup notification on the lower right when all contacts are added. Click DONE on lower righthand corner to close the popup.

Refresh your browser to see the number of contacts that have been added to the group.

How to Add Individual Contacts

Click on Subscribers on the left navigation bar to view the Groups tab. Refer to the "Quick Add" section on right side of the page where you can add a subscriber's phone number, first and last names. Only the phone number is required. Finally, select the group(s) to add them to then click the "ADD SUBSCRIBER" button.

How to Connect Your Software

When you have an active Age Texting account, you can utilize our Integration setup tool to connect your software to your texting account. You'll need to locate several items from your software account and add that to the form in your Age Texting account.

Find a recap our built-in integrations here that are currently available. We are always adding more and can custom build. Just let us know the POS, CRM, or loyalty software you use and request an integration.

To set up an integration, locate the integration options by going to your Settings page and selecting the Integrations tab. If you have any questions or do not see what you are looking for, please contact us.


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