Why use SMS marketing for your church?

Why use AGE Texting as your SMS communication provider

Create SMS marketing campaign

240 Character Count in one SMS

That's more than any other SMS provider.

Customers can type up to 240 characters in one AGE Texting SMS—including emojis to add a bit of creativity.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule the date and time you want your text blast to be sent ahead of time.

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Shareable Opt-in Link

Include a custom URL in a text message that allows your subscribers to easily invite friends to sign up for your text club. This is especially beneficial when spreading the word about a giveaway or contest.


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Track Link Clicks

When you shorten a URL using AGE Texting's built-in Bitly tool and include it in an SMS, you can see the number of clicks on the link.

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Built-in Link Shortener

Simply copy your long URL and paste to generate a Bitly. Copy the Bitly and use it in your text to help save character space. 

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Multiple Opt-in Methods

That's more than any other SMS provider.

AGE Texting platforms provides eight easy ways for customers to subscribe to your text club. 

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Collect Feedback on
Products & Service

AGE Texting can create a custom SMS bot that collects feedback from your customers—giving you insight on where your business excels and how you can improve. Submissions can be emailed and/or exported to a Google Sheet so you have the contact information to follow up with the customer.

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Lead Generation

AGE Texting can develop a custom lead generator to help collect qualified candidates in your recruiting efforts as well as potential customers.

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See Replies and Send Single Messages

After sending a blast, you may want to monitor your replies.

If a subscriber has a question or concern, they may text back. With the AGE Texting platform, you can see those replies and respond to them by texting a single message.

However, you should never discuss private customer account details—only generic information. 

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Start texting your church community today

With eight opt-in methods, easily grow your list to effectively and quickly communicate with members and guests


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