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Be the first to send breaking news and event announcements

Why use SMS Marketing for Your News Media?

Be the first to announce breaking stories. Texting allows journalists to reach their audience with breaking news faster than any other medium.

How to use texting for your news and media outlets?

Generate trackable links. When you shorten a story URL using our built-in link shortener, we can report the number of clicks. Even cooler, you can customize campaigns based on subscriber click behavior. This feature allows you to send a link to a follow-up story to anyone who clicked on the original story’s link.  


Segment subscriber readers by interests. Use keywords or data collected through our webform to create unique groups for various story topics. This way you’re texting links to stories a specific category or subscribers is interested in. By segmenting your subscriber list, you’ll see a higher CTR, more impressions, and content sharing.  


Create surveys and polls to gather data. Use our webform, keywords, and polls to gather data about your subscribers/ readers. Demographics like age, gender, location, and interests, can guide you in the content you produce as well. This will also prove to be helpful when finding business partners to sponsor your content.


Offer text blasts as value-added for advertisers. Use our webform and polls to gather data about your readers to make a sponsored text attractive to a business. This can be an opportunity for revenue.


Complement email newsletters with a text blast. Text a quick reminder to your subscribers to also check their inbox for the week’s top stories. Include a link to published e-newsletter where the subscriber can read all the content. Monitor the clicks on the text link vs. the email open rate. You might also include a link where a text only subscriber can sign up for the e-newsletter.



Inspiration for Media Text Messages

  • Text links to exciting community news and updates. For example: Be the first to announce that a long-awaited store or restaurant will be coming to the community.

  • Text links to sports news.

  • Text links to breaking news.

  • Personalize your messages. Use AGE Texting's custom fields feature to include each subscriber's first name.  Subscribers are more likely to read a text message in its entirety if they feel the business texting them knows them.

How to get started with SMS Marketing for your News Media

  1. Register for a local 10-digit long code or text enable your landline. You also have the option to register and verify a toll-free number or select a 6-digit short code.

  2. Create keywords unique to your business to help collect subscribers.

  3. Add a sign up form to your website. Create a lightbox/ pop-up on your website and add the webform URL. You may also our URL as a unique text club opt-in landing page.

  4. Promote your texting service and how readers can subscribe. Add signing to your website and promote on social media and any printed media.

AGE Texting’s easy-to-use text marketing platform provides a lot of versatility. Use the platform to send group messages as well as receive subscribers’ texts. You will be notified when you receive a text and can interact with them through our inbox feature.

Reporting and analytics are readily available for you to access and share with advertisers.

Establish your business as the leader in news and the source for sending it out the fastest. Be the first to get news into your readers’ hands—literally.  

AGE Texting is excited to partner with digital news organization Pigeon605. In fact, their SMS strategy was featured in a NiemanLab article.

Contact us for more information.

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