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Proposal presented by AGE Texting 


Engage with your customers with SMS marketing

The AGE Texting platform allows you to quickly send promotions and updates of changes.

SMS Marketing/ Communication Uses

  • Announcing sales 

  • Introducing new products

  • Notifying customers of any technical difficulties or early closings due to weather

  • Send Instagram and TikTok videos via SMS to broaden the reach of your content*

  • Segment by location 

  • Integrate with your e-commerce and POS systems to customize campaigns and collect subscribers

  • Text to win giveaways

  • Surveys and polls

  • Announce Facebook lives to drive viewership to live videos

  • Consider creating a shoppable "look book" with exclusive styles available only to your text subscribers or give them "first dibs" to the styles. You can use a free online design program like Canva to create a web-based lookbook. 

  • Partner with social media influencers and brand advocates to help grow your database 

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Opt-in Methods

Why use SMS marketing for your boutique?

Why use AGE Texting as your SMS marketing partner

Start texting your customers with AGE Texting today.

*Minimum investment of $50​/month required

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