Repurpose Instagram Video for MMS Campaigns

Updated: Jan 20

Reach a broader audience by repurposing Instagram content in your text message marketing campaigns.

When adding an Instagram post, save your content so you can download to your desktop and attach to an MMS.

All marketers know that Instagram is one of the top ten most visited websites. Users spend an average of 17 minutes and 23 seconds on the social media platform. (SEMrush)

Instagram is the world’s most popular photo-sharing app with a total of 1 billion monthly active users. This number reports the number of logged-in users who visit the Instagram App or web application within 30 days from the date measurement.

Instagram attracts younger social media users with 71% of users under the age of 35.

Creating Instagram content takes some time and creativity. You should not only share it on Facebook and Twitter (which is easy to do through Instagram’s built-in sharing options) but also utilize it on marketing channels reaching a broader audience. Why not use that content in your MMS marketing campaigns? SMS and MMS marketing are great methods to complement any social media marketing strategy.

Your reels and stories showcase your products, team members, and your company's personality. With most MMS products, including AGE MMS, you can send animated GIFs. To do this, simply convert your Instagram content to a GIF format. It may require some minor editing but is worth your time. Most video can easily be converted using a free video editor such as or

Use your images and video (converted to GIFs) in your MMS campaigns.

Which Type of Instagram Video is Best for MMS?

An Instagram reel is much like TikTok’s platform in that you can add music, on-screen text, closed captions, and visual effects within the app. It creates a video that is up to 60 seconds in length.

Convert reels to fit the GIF attachment requirements. Please note, however, any audio on your reel (music and/ or voice-over) does not carry over to an animated GIF. Also, keep in mind that call-to-action text is irrelevant to an MMS attachment so avoid using content with that type of text.

An Instagram story is a short video clip that can be viewed on your profile or on your followers’ feeds in the little circles at the top. Story clips can only be 15 seconds in length, but you can post as many consecutively as you want. Note that stories show up on your page for 24 hours then they disappear—unless you save the content as a Story Highlight which places the story clips at the top of your profile permanently until you archive or delete it.

To further explain content to avoid, as mentioned above—any story formats with sticker features or call-to-action text do not work for an MMS because they entice engagement. Text club users cannot interact with MMS attachments. Currently, no MMS service creates a hyperlink to a URL when the user taps on an MMS attachment. When a user clicks on the image or GIF, they only see an expanded preview. Include the link in the text portion of the message. Be sure you generate a customer URL for your text. The AGE Texting platform has a built-in Bitly tool to easily shorten those URLs.

An Instagram post is a regular video you share to your Instagram profile that shows up in your followers’ feeds. Video posts can be up to one minute long. You can use some of the content but might end up spending a lot of time editing.

Click here for detailed instructions to convert Instagram video to a GIF.

So, if you're thinking of sending any Instagram content in an MMS marketing campaign, be sure to export the video, reel, or story as soon as you publish it and convert it to a GIF. Avoid duplicating the exact post when sending in an MMS and consider your audience when crafting the text. Perhaps change up the discount or promo code to help track which strategy is more effective in promoting a sale.

Instagram offers features that allow you to be creative and have fun. When you take the time to create original content, consider adding them not only to your MMS campaigns but also to your website, and Pinterest board— to maximize exposure for your content.

Updated 1/14/22

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