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How to Format a CSV File

If you are planning on uploading a subscriber segment with a comma-separated value (CSV) file, use thest guidelines to format a CSV file before uploading it.

Add Column Header

The first row of the CSV file should contain headers for each column. If you don't currently have headers, you'll have the option to create your own headers during the formatting process.

The order of the columns must be formatted in the below order, left to right:

  •  1st column with 'phone' in the header for the phone number

  •  2nd column with 'firstname' in the header for the first name

  •  3rd column with 'lastname' in the header for the last name

  •  4th column with 'email' in the header for the email address

  •  5th column with 'birthday' in the header for the subscriber's date of birth

  •  6th column with 'custom' in the header for any customized data

Even if you do not have data for all columns, you need to include the column headers in the CSV file you want to upload. When you upload your file, the header is used to match that column with an existing field. It uses the header to find any fields with the same name.

The rows in the file will be matched with existing subscribers in that group. It will not create duplicate subscribers.

Formatting Tips

Ensure that your CSV file contains columns with all headers outlined above.

Header title should be lowercase

Each subscriber should be on a new line

Review your data to make sure that the formatting is correct before uploading the file. This will ensure you have a high match rate.

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