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Grow your database, increase customer engagement and boost sales with digital scratch-off campaigns.

Grow your SMS subscribers and engage with new and loyal customers with gamified promotions.

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Digital Scratch-off campaigs

Stand out with interactive gamified marketing promotions

60% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a brand if they enjoyed playing a game with it.[1]

Why digital scratch-off cards?

  • Games are fun! Participants are engaging with your brand without feeling like they're watching an ad. 

  • Gather contact information and feedback to help with future marketing campaigns.

  • Affordable—no printing required.

  • Conveniently make changes to your live game.

  • No clean-up.

  • Easily promote your game.

  • Games can be played across all devices.

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Jekyll & Hyde BBQ Digital scratch-off campaign

How it Works

Age Media works with you to customize a digital scratch card—designed to your brand standards— to accomplish your campaign goals. Age Media will monitor and manage the campaign and provide the reports and submitted data during and after the campaign.

Step 1: Determine your campaign goals.

Do you want to engage with your customers? Do you want to grow your text club or email database? Are you seeking feedback to better understand your audience and guide you in future marketing efforts?

AGE Media and Promotion can customize any of four templates—depending on what you want to accomplish. 

Step 2: Select the best template for your scratch-off campaign.

Click the button below each image to view the demo for each template.

Retail store digital scratch-off campaign

Basic Scratch & Win Template

Boutique scratch & win game

Opt-in + Scratch & Win Template

Digital scratch & win for restaurant

Scratch & Win +
Claim Form Template 

Digital scratch & win campaign for C-store

Opt-In + Scratch & Win + Claim Form Template 

Features and Benefits of All Templates

  • Maximum number of interactions— Unlimited

  • Maximum number of prizes— Unlimited

  • Maximum number of players— Unlimited

  • Use for private and public campaigns.

  • Set time delay for when people can play your game again or for a one-time play per person.

  • Use a unique URL and QR code for each campaign

  • Collect opt-ins and submitted information via a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

  • Effectively and easily grow your marketing and communications databases with opt-in and claim form templates.

  • Use unique promo codes with prizes to ensure each prize/offer is used only once to redeem online or onsite.

  • Want to keep your game exclusive to a specific group of people? Implement access codes as a sign-in to play your game.

  • For claim form templates, add custom fields to gather contact information and insights from your audience to guide you in planning future marketing campaigns.

  • Our digital scratch-off games can be played on all devices.

  • Create expiration dates for prizes or vouchers.

  • Add a Facebook share feature. 

  • We do all the work; you just sit back and watch the action.

Step 3: Promote and publish your digital scratch-off campaign.

  • Publish URL in social media posts

  • Attach URL to social media stories

  • Attach URL to banner ads for paid promotion or to a banner on your website

  • Publish QR code to onsite signage

  • Add the QR code to your print ads and direct mail

  • Send URL to your email subscribers

  • Send URL to your SMS subscribers

  • Embed game URL in a lightbox/ pop-up for your website

  • If you use Age Texting, ask for a shareable opt-in link that allows your text subscribers to easily text the game link to their friends

  • Promote via text message.

Untitled design - 2022-04-12T171453_edit

Promote your QR code on outdoor signage to drive foot traffic.

QR code in-store promotion

Promote your QR code on in-store signage. 

Beige Watercolor We Are Open Online Inst

Attach your game link to Instagram and Facebook stories.

Promoting digital scratch-off campaign on Facebook
scratch & win campaign logos_940x600 (94

Run an online advertising campaign and attach your game link to the banner ads. 

Create your social share image and promote the URL for your game.

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Interested in learning more about growing your SMS database exponentially through digital scratch cards? Contact us today.

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