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About Us

Founded on a shared vision to bridge the gap in communication

The Age Texting SMS platform is continually evolving and advancing to allow companies in any industry and of all sizes to easily, quickly, and efficiently communicate with their audience. 


Age Media and Promotion, development partner for the Age Texting platform, has worked with small business owners since 2013 to assist in creating marketing collaterals and strategies to help companies share their stories through print and video. In 2016, we acquired a text message platform and worked with an SMS developer to advance that service to accommodate our customers.

Over time, SMS became a key product in our offerings, and continually evolving and advancing our product was extremely important to us. In November 2022, Age Media joined forces with Textmunication, a mobile marketing service provider in Pleasant Hill, Calif., to expand our platform's texting capabilities. 

Textmunication was founded in 2009 with one simple idea in mind: How can we bridge the communication gap between businesses and consumers using a medium that is available to everyone yet stands out from the rest. That mission served as the foundation of their mobile product and services.

With Age Media's partnership with Textmunication, the Age Texting platform continues to add features and develop integrations with CRM and POS software to help our clients in growing their text lists and customizing SMS marketing strategies to grow their business. 

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